Saturday, 2 February 2013

The face I love the most

Ahhhh... the Pudding is sleeping!

Life with a one year old is full on. My days are filled amusing and being amused by this little chap, preventing him from taking the contents of the kitchen cupboards out or trying to climb into the television - yes, even when its switched off, it still pulls him in like a giant baby magnet.

Last week he grabbed the telephone and I was mortified when I pried it out of his tiny mitts to discover an emergency services operator on the other end whom I had to red face-dly tell that no, there was no emergency. The '9' button on a telephone is just perfectly located for the squeezing grip of a baby's right thumb. Today I wasn't paying attention and he picked up a cup of cold tea i'd left on the bedside table and poured it all over the bed. My mattress still isn't dry. We are all going to have to sleep on the right hand side tonight.

It is the most exhausted I have ever been and yet the most happy. For every moment he is awake and crawling about (like a mini whirling dervish hell bent on destruction) that I wish he were taking a nap - you can guarantee as soon as he is, I am peeking at his sleeping form and wishing he would wake up so we can play again.

Love him so much

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